Thursday, June 16, 2011

#trust30 - Day 15: One Thing

One Thing by Colin Wright

Do your work, and I shall know you. Do your work, and you shall reinforce yourself. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Take a moment, step back from your concerns, and focus on one thing: You have one life to achieve everything you’ve ever wanted. Sounds simple, but when you really focus on it, let it seep into your consciousness, you realize you only have about 100 years to get every single thing you’ve ever wanted to do. No second chances. This is your only shot. Suddenly, this means you should have started yesterday. No more waiting for permission or resources to start. Today is the day you make the rest of your life happen. Write down one thing you’ve always wanted to do and how you will achieve that goal. Don’t be afraid to be very specific in how you’ll achieve it: once you start achieving, your goals will get bigger and your capability to meet them will grow.

(Author: Colin Wright)

I've always wanted to publish a book. Shocking, I know, since that's all I've talked about here for the last two weeks. But it's true: to publish a book, to see my name in print, to see people enjoying my words, drawn out of their worlds into one of my creation for a while and coming back for more--that's the goal that's left when I narrow all my dreams to one.

I know I'm supposed to dream about nobler things: curing a disease, or teaching kids about the world, or improving humanity in some way, or watching my kids grow into great leaders and pillars of society. Those are all the dreams I used to admit to. But then I realized something: I can't teach my kids to follow their own dreams (which is the only way they'll become pillars of society, or even complete adults) unless I can show them how I follow mine. So the way I accomplish all those noble, lofty goals I've always voiced is by selfishly following my dream.

So how does it happen? I've finally decided it happens with this book. Here's the timeline.

- This weekend, I meet with two publishing professionals to pitch my story.
- By the end of August of this year, the manuscript is complete.
- By the end of October, I'm finished editing and ready to send the polished story to agents.
- By the 1st of January, 2012, one of two things has happened: either an agent has agreed to represent the manuscript, or I have published it as an ebook on Kindle and iPad.
- If it's with an agent, I start the next book and wait for the publishing world to inch forward.
- If it's an ebook, I start the next book, begin advertising this one everywhere I can, and put a print version together. By the 1st of April, 2012, the book goes to print.
- After that? Either I become my own agent and publisher, or the industry gets interested and a publisher contacts me. That's a bridge I can figure out what to do with when I get there.

Either way, it's going to be a fun ride. The publishing world is changing--and I plan to ride the wave as long as I can.


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