Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Great Map

One of the dangers of writing historical fiction is that sometimes you can get distracted by research when you should be writing. Wondering where the railroad junction in Washington, D.C., was in 1861, I typed "map washington dc 1861" into my Google search bar--and found a map of Washington in 1861 overlaid on a map of the city today. I promptly got lost exploring the map.

But I still can't find the railroad junction. Argh!

You can check out the map here and get your nerd on!



  1. Not only in historical fiction, but anything I start researching has the (annoying) potential of getting me distracted. I don't get mad, though, sometimes the best ideas come to me on these times. :)

    - EEV

  2. That is a cool map. I can easily understand why you or anyone could get lost exploring.

  3. EEV, you're right about the good ideas. Sometimes the hard thing is stuffing the Good Idea Fairy back into the box before she throws me completely off track!

    And I found the railroad depot. And the locations for all the forts built after First Manassas/Bull Run. But I can't find anything about where troops would have camped in Washington before the battle!

    More research, after which I'll probably have to make something up. Back into the briar patch I go....