Thursday, February 19, 2009

Status Update, and a Good Story

So first of all, status is right about on track. Just finished Chapter Seven. A little over 21,000 words toward my 100,000 goal.

Second of all, this is just a great story. Seriously--how often does a gesture of sportsmanship like this one make the news? Stories are usually all about controversy, or tragedy, or who's doping, or who's breaking his contract, or who's going to jail. This one is about a high school basketball team doing the right thing--even though it ended up losing the game.

It's the kind of story we want our kids to read about sports.

Basketball--or at least the NBA--has developed a bad reputation in the last several years--bad enough a guy I knew used to refer to it as "thugball." And lately, it seems the NFL has been driving hard for the thugball label.

Here's hoping we start seeing more stories like this, and fewer thugball stories.


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